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"Porcelain" "Porcelain"

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I must tell you that when they zoomed up, (surrounded by the super effective blur technique), you literally made me cry. You have expressed a very powerful message, which in all honesty could of been dealt with in a much more cliche and trite manner.

I feel for your loss, and think that through this movie, you have succeded in sharing your true emotion with the world. I can only hope that this touches people, and makes them think about existence as much as it has me.

Soxx: the killer bunny Soxx: the killer bunny

Rated 4 / 5 stars

My Observations

I thought your story was so, so, for a professional, but quite good for an amateur. The style, obviously patterned after Jhonen, was very accurate (except for her lil eyeball buddy). I wouldnt call this the best, as it does bother me a bit that you dont have your own style (at least none that I could see here), but it is all made up for with that KICK ASS rendition of Squee.

It was exactly as Squee should look, and I think instead of co-opting someone elses style to tell your own story, you should just start working on retelling either JTHM, or Squee, or Happy Noodle Boy, in animation form. THEN you would truly have something worth talking about, and no one would be able to call you a rip off artist, just a talented fan artist... who knows, you may even get a nod from Mr. Vasquez himself, if you put it out there!

Aside from all of that, I would really like to see you develop your own style of animation, as it most certainly would be awesome if this movie is any indicator.

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